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I have always thought of myself as a low maintenance girl, especially in the category of self care. As a horse girl, all of my extra money has been spent (obviously) on products and treatments for my horse, not for myself! I can count on two hands the number of times I've been to a spa or had my nails done. I don't wear makeup every day. I haven't blow dried my hair for a month.

However, as I get older, and hopefully wiser, I've started paying attention to all the elements of my life more closely. I guess you could say that I'm working on becoming more self-aware. Part of this journey for me has included taking a closer look at the the products I have used forever: the cheapest shampoo and conditioner, drug store nail polish and mascara, bar soap to wash my face in the shower. What I didn't know (or think about) is that these products are filled with tons of harmful chemical: the cosmetic and beauty industry has not had regulatory laws passed for over 80 years. Since then, thousands of chemicals have been introduced without regulation for human safety.  

This is shocking to me, because I'm under the assumption that anything I purchase at a store has undergone some form of testing to make sure that it isn't harmful. I think most consumers are like myself: too busy to worry about those details. Here's the really scary truth...asbestos was found in eyeshadows being sold for children at Claire's, and dozens of reports of Formaldehyde in hair straightening products. You would think that in the year 2018, our government would do a better job of keeping consumers safe. 

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After doing my research and replacing all of my products with safe alternatives, I decided to become a part of Beautycounter, a company that is built on the platform of making safe beauty products accessible as well as pushing for regulation across the entire industry. I'm sharing this with you today so that you can do some research of your own, and hopefully decide to make a choice to protect yourself (and your family) from supporting businesses that contribute to proliferating harmful products to innocent consumers. 

I would love to share with you about what I've learned and I will be sharing more about my favorite products from Beautycounter. I am proud to be a part of their social mission, and I hope that you will join me. Drop me a note in the comments or email me directly at I would love to connect.

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