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Goalsetting. We all know it is what we should be doing in order to accomplish our dreams. But, if you're anything like me, setting goals can be challenging, and even defeating. 

Do you have anxiety that sets you back? Does fear creep in, and remind you that you're not good enough to achieve those dreams? **raises hand**. Girl, you're not alone!

Earlier this year I put together the #DBGoalcrush guide (free printable here) to help you start breaking down your goals into smaller chunks and building strategies so that the big dream goes from daunting to doable...just like Jen taught me to do. I've learned so much since I began working with Jen Verharen of Cadence Coaching, and what I put together to share with you all is the direct result of my work with her.

Jen has helped me set goals and truly reframe my life in all categories: leadership, entrepreneurship, riding, and in my personal life. She is an FEI-level Dressage Rider and Coach, and she is also a skilled business and performance coach. She brings structure, inspiration, strategies, and good-old ass kicking (in the kindest way possible) that has really pushed me to become an overall better version of myself in all aspects of my life.

Jen is offering an amazing 4-week course, designed specifically for equestrians to transcend fear and self-doubt, get in the zone, and up your performance in all areas of your life. It's called the Performance Project, and registration closes April 30th. I don't want you to miss this opportunity. It is truly life changing work.   



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