Meet the DB Ambassadors: Chloe Hardgrave

Meet the DB Ambassadors: Chloe Hardgrave

We are proud to introduce our 2019 Ambassadors! We have 20 amazing equestrians on board this year to share and promote DB. Meet Chloe...

Hi there! My name is Chloe Hardgrave! I am from Southern California! Here is a little bit about me! I have been riding since I was five years old. I started out on little ponies and eventually got my first horse Scout when I was eleven years old. In 2016 I joined my first United States Pony Club and made the decision that I wanted to grow throughout that program; and continue to achieve higher levels. I grew up mainly riding western, but when I began riding Scout, I decided I wanted to jump. That is how I got into the Equitation/Jumper world! Currently I am a C1 level Pony club member, but working on studying to move up to my C2 level this year. Pony Club has helped me A TON and I am hoping to graduate it later on.

Introduce us to your horses...
My horse is Olivander, a 16 1/2 hand dark bay American Warmblood. Other then having a huge personality, Ollie loves getting treats, loves every bite of his grain, and getting out to socialize with other horses. Olivander is super smart and is always trying to impress someone! I also have the privilege of riding my trainer's 17.3 hand flea bitten grey Sid Vicious! Sid also is obsessed with his grain, and gets very excited when it is show day. Not only is Sid an over achiever, he is also extremely smart, and LOVES to jump. Both these boys are so talented and I am super lucky to have them as my partners in crime.

My 2019 riding goals...
Are to acheive my C2 rating in the United States Pony Club, and to compete in the meter classes with Sid.

What does being a DB Ambassador mean to you?
Being a Dapple Bay ambassador means a lot to me. I completely agree with what Dapple Bay represents. Horseback riding is so much more than just holding on with your legs and jumping a course of stadium fences (hoping to go clear). It is making a bond with a horse and trusting them to carry you through any obstacles you may face in the ring. Horseback riding also means being a good sport to those around you even if it is hard. I am so excited to be a ambassador for such an amazing brand.

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