Meet the DB Ambassadors: Gail Knoffloch

Meet the DB Ambassadors: Gail Knoffloch

We are proud to introduce our 2019 Ambassadors! We have 20 amazing equestrians on board this year to share and promote DB. Meet Gail...

Hi! I’m Gail and I’m an eventer from Kansas. I started riding as a a little kid and competed at my first event when I was 12- I’ve been hooked ever since! I grew up riding and competing in Pony Club, and earned my C3 rating. I really consider this as my “base” for becoming a horse person. Coming from a completely non-horsey family, the horsemanship lessons and information from Pony Club was so important for me, and I soaked it all up like a sponge. I competed up through preliminary level eventing with the previous horse, and am trying to work my way towards that again. I also compete in some dressage and hunter/jumper shows at the local level. I really enjoy working with young horses, and have restarted and sold a few ottbs over the last year or so.

Introduce your horses...
Exy (Your Ex Boyfriend) is a 9 yr old thoroughbred gelding. He never made it to the track, and I got him as a green 4 year old. We’ve competed over the last few years at beginner novice and novice level eventing, with mixed success. A lot of times it seems like “one step forward, two steps back” with this guy. He’s very talented, and also can be very opinionated, so it’s been a little bit of a struggle to make our show results reflect what I know he can do at home! Last year we focused on our dressage more, and he seems to enjoy that! We competed at some schooling shows at 1st and 2nd level with decent scores. After 5 years I think we finally understand each other pretty well, and hope to have a successful 2019 season!

Mogey (Pray Some Mo) is a 5 yr old ottb gelding. He’s been with me almost a year now, originally coming in as a sale project. I did market him for a while last summer, but ultimately decided to keep him a little longer to compete. He’s the definition of a “pocket rocket” - dainty, quick, and powerful. Totally my type of horse. He’s a little quirky, and still pretty green, but he tries so hard to do what you want! He absolutely loves to jump and I can’t wait to see what he’ll be like out on the cross country course! He is still “for sale” but I’m waiting for the right person to come along for him- ideally a talented junior that he can have fun with.

What are your 2019 riding goals?
My goals this year are to have some solid scores at events with Exy, and hopefully move him up to training level. I’d like to also continue competing in dressage and get to some recognized shows this year. I’d like to start working towards getting qualifying scores for a bronze medal. With Mogey, I want to get him as many places as possible and expose him to everything I can. I don’t have any specific competition goals for him right now other than to get him confident and relaxed away from home and in a bigger, busier atmosphere.

What does being a DB ambassador mean to you?
I’m excited to represent Dapplebay for a second year! I love that it’s a company that values horsemanship, sportsmanship, and friendship as its core values because these are things that are important to me.m, and should be important to all riders! I love the variety of designs and products that DB offers, and that they are versatile both in the saddle or running around town. I also love the community that comes with being a DB ambassador. We all different strengths, but have so many things in common, too.

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