Meet the DB Ambassadors: Jackie Ericksen

Meet the DB Ambassadors: Jackie Ericksen

We are proud to introduce our 2019 Ambassadors! We have 20 amazing equestrians on board this year to share and promote DB. Meet Jackie...
Hey y’all! I’m Jackie Ericksen, a Pacific Northwest Native, currently spending the winter on the Eventing circuit in Ocala, Fl. I spent the last decade teaching young riders and developing young horses in Washington state but, after a few life changes, I decided I had earned my right to travel and dedicate time to further my horse education... which is how I ended up in Florida!

Tell us about your horses…
My most going mount is actually a pony-sized American Bashkir Curly Horse named Veloché (pronounced Vel-O-SHAY). She is currently Eventing but plan our plan is to start in the big D ring soon. I also have a homebred Oldenburg pinto gelding named Rock Revival aka Zeppelin, that I will be getting going under saddle this spring and my Palomino Appendix gelding D’Jön who is just coming back into work after having some time off. He has enough personality for 10 horses and definitely the big, yellow Labrador of the barn.

What are your 2019 riding goals?
Ride holes into every pair of breeches I have!!

What does being a Dapplebay Ambassador mean to you?
I’ve followed DB since the beginning of the brand. I’ve always felt like I’ve identified with the company on every level. Good rides and good vibes are my goal for everyday and I feel so lucky that I get to support and find support from a company that has the same values. My favorite design of DB’s is the “Live Free & Jump XC”. My go-to sweatshirt has that design on it (actually currently curled up on the couch writing this, wearing it!). DB has always provided quality designs and quality products and really, who couldn’t stand behind that?!

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