Meet the DB Ambassadors: Jordan Hollman

Meet the DB Ambassadors: Jordan Hollman

We are proud to introduce our 2019 Ambassadors! We have 20 amazing equestrians on board this year to share and promote DB. Meet Jordan..

My name is Jordan Hollmann and I am a 20 year old eventing rider from Arizona. You can usually find me hanging with my two pups with a cup of coffee in my hand if  I'm not at the barn. To give you a better background on me--I was always that horse crazy kid and spent hours reading books and watching movies about horses. After several years of horse camps and working my butt off I talked my parents into letting me get a horse once I turned 12 and could pay for half. The day came and I purchased my first horse, a grey polish Arabian mare named Flower and she taught me so much about riding and also just how to be a better overall horsewoman.

I did 4H and pony club and have had the privilege to train under and learn from several amazing trainers and horse people. My love for 3 day eventing came from my mentor and several bold horses I've had the honor of riding over the years. I am a big adrenaline junky and I think eventing just combines the perfect mix of technical riding and bold, brave horses and riders and I find myself very passionate about the sport and people in all parts of the equestrian world. 

Introduce us to your horses...

My current equine partner is a 5 year old off the track thoroughbred named "Just Nik" but I call him Roman. He came off the track July 2nd 2019, so he is very new to me. He is Bay with the smallest tip of white on his nose. He is just shy of 17 hands and though he is definitely an awkward baby still but has the sweetest personality and tons of try. I am so excited to see how he comes along and where we go in the eventing world. He LOVES ear rubs and his favorite treat is gummy bears. 

What are your 2019 riding goals?

My 2019 riding goals are to bring my silly green bean OTTB along and enter a few beginner novice and novice level events. 
I would love to attend some more clinics and train under more trainers and expand my riding skills and equestrian knowledge. 
I'd like to grow my training clients and equestrian community and business. 

What does being a DB ambassador mean to you? 

Being a Dapplebay ambassador is a dream come true! I love the business and the team of horse people that Leah has brought together, We aren't just a group of people representing a brand...but more a great group of supporting equestrians and community that helps and cares for each other. When I contacted Leah about representing her brand for a second year I really put some thought about why exactly Dapplebay stands out to me above other equestrian brands. 

I have now filled my closet and kitchen cabinets will all sorts of Dapplebay products and couldn't be happier.  The ambassadors and Leah make me so so proud and happy to represent this business and everything it stands for. I will love and continue to support Dapplebay as a customer, fan and friend. 

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