Meet the DB Ambassadors: Lindsey Rowland

Meet the DB Ambassadors: Lindsey Rowland

We are proud to introduce our 2019 Ambassadors! We have 20 amazing equestrians on board this year to share and promote DB. Meet Lindsey..
Hello! My name is Lindsey Rowland. Everyone calls me Lou. I am a 28yr old Dressage rider/ Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Photographer/Painter. I grew up in Savannah Georgia and went to an all girl’s catholic school downtown that is connected to the infamous Cathedral. I didn’t grow up in a horsey family but I fell in love with them at a young age. I had every toy horse I could get my hands on and I would play cowboys and Indians over barbies. If the Barbie could not ride my toy horse, I was not interested. I had a miniature schnauzer named Guessie and she was my second in command to all of my crazy adventures. We would play so many things together. I went to college at Georgia Southern University. I got a full scholarship and kept it all four years. My parents told me if I kept my scholarship then they would pay for my housing. I finally had the opportunity to ride horses again, so I got a job to pay for my lessons while I was able to have that luxury. Little did I know that my life would change after my first lesson. I became obsessed. I was blessed with learning how to ride on an old retired PSG dressage mare that an old professor of the college owned. Her name was Lume and she eventually became my first horse. I purchased her for a dollar. She taught me how to ride and I had her until her last breath. She is the inspiration of my personal equine boutique called The Preppi Pony Co. she is the mascot horse who we call Lummie.

Introduce us to your horses...
My current equine partner is a 16.1hh 7yr old Hanoverian mare named Deshmina but we all call her Mina Tina because she reminds us so very much of Tina from the show, Bob’s Burgers. If she could make the uhhhhhhhhh noise like Tina does when she is in a crisis....she would haha! She is the sweetest mare and likes to literally lick your entire body like a dog. I was very fortunate to find her when I needed her the most. She had been sitting in a pasture for a year at a breeders facility. The breeder had her full sister and Mina was her riding horse. She knows up to third level movements and has even timed up to BN. She was out of shape and had a hitch in her gait. No one wanted to take a chance on her even though the owner promised that with correct strengthening rides and massage, the hitch would go away. I decided to take that chance and I never looked back. I won the lottery with her. She has the best temperment and tries her heart out. She also lost that hitch like what was promised and man does she move like a pro. Stunning! She is by Danone I (De Niro x Weltmeyer) and out of a Laurie’s Crusader (TB) x Matcho AA )) warmblood Dam. She is everything I have ever dreamed of owning and I could not be any happier.

What are your 2019 riding goals?
Our 2019 riding goals are to start our first show season together. We want to work towards our Bronze medal in Dressage! I have not had the pleasure of showing yet so this will be a huge treat for both of us. We will be doing many clinicians with Charlotte Osborne, Katie Erpel, and Gunnar Osterguaard. I also want to dabble in lower level eventing. I think her and I could make it up to Beginner Novice one day! She does like to jump and was personally broken under saddle and trained by Dom Schramm the **** Australian Eventer.

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