Meet the DB Ambassadors: Richelle Cole

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Meet the DB Ambassadors: Richelle Cole

We are proud to introduce our 2019 Ambassadors! We have 20 amazing equestrians on board this year to share and promote DB. First up, meet Richele...

Hello, I'm Richele and I'm a Dressage rider from WV. I've been around horses my whole life and  I got the horsey gene from my late grandmother. As a young kiddo I’d spend hours just grooming her horse and obsessively leafing through all of her horsey mags. I finally started taking lessons when I was 8, got my own horse at 11, and continued to ride throughout college. After college I took a break for several years and then in the winter of 2016 I decided to start back into lessons at a local barn (Bright Moon Farm in Winchester, Virginia) and focus on Dressage.

Tell us about your horses…

Dan (A Dandy Touch OClass) is a 31yo QH. I've had Dan for 24 years now! While he now enjoys retirement to its fullest, he was my childhood hunter/jumper. Dan has always been a little (or a lot) on the mischievous side and even in his 30s he still manages to escape and wreak havoc on the neighborhood from time to time.  

Spoon (or Mise En Place when we're feeling fancy) is an 8yo OTTB Dressage diva-in-training. His favorite treats are oranges and bananas and he loves to cuddle. Spoon was a surprise gift from my boyfriend (now fiance) Josh in 2016. When my trainer had me hop on Spoon for a lesson it was love at first ride; however, I felt I had too many *grown-up* expenses and whatnot to justify buying a horse. A few months later, on our 3 yr. dating anniversary, Josh came home from running an errand (I thought he was fetching cupcakes or something) and walked into the house with a pack of papers in his hand. He said "don't be mad at me"  as he handed me the folder. I opened it up and Spoon's papers were inside. Needless to say, there were ample waterworks as I cried tears of joy. You'll often see Josh tagged in my social media pics as he is the man behind the camera for most of my photos.  

What are your 2019 riding goals?

My goal with Spoon for 2019 is to snag our qualifying First Level Dressage scores as we work towards our bronze medal! 

What does being a Dapplebay Ambassador mean to you?

I'm excited to represent a brand that celebrates the horse and rider relationship at its core. Horses are more than just a sport, hobby, or pastime--they become part of our identity. To have your teammate, therapist, and best friend all rolled into one big furry bundle is something to thank your lucky stars for Dapplebay is a brand that reminds us that at heart we're all still those "horse crazy" kids who could just never get enough horses in our lives and I'm excited to be a part of  that community. 

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