Brand Feature: Centerline Candles

In the spirit of community over competition, I'm excited to announce a new series at Dapplebay! Each month, I will be featuring another woman owned equestrian small business that I love. This month we get to meet Tammy, the creative behind Centerline Candles!

Centerline Candles
Who is Centerline Candles?
Centerline Candles, LLC is a boutique candle company that features hand-poured wood wick candles. In addition to the wide range of delicious smelling scents available, owner/operator/candlemaker Tammy Platt can also do custom orders and collaborations as they come up. (for example, our Stay At Home Horse Mom collaboration!) Tammy says that she thrives on the personal connections she makes through the business and believes that every ounce of success depends on the spectacular people she is surrounded with. (I couldn't agree more!)
Centerline Equestrian Candle
Why did you start the business?
Centerline Candles, LLC was officially born in January of 2020.  After a massive (think second mortgage scale) online candle buying spree, owner/operator/candlemaker Tammy decided to teach herself how to make candles (how hard could it be)? Turns out there is more to it than she thought, but a new passion was born and…after many wax spills, choice words, unforeseen challenges and online reading… Tammy had become proficient in the craft. She started giving candles away as gifts (and really to whoever would take them…. because there were a LOT of experiments). Friends then started requesting their fav scents and buying a few candles for gifts. About 5 years after the first candle attempt was made, someone suggested that Tammy turn this passion into a proper business….and after one rainy hotel room afternoon on a business trip later, the first logo was born.  
Add a couple social media sites, a fantastically supportive group of friends and family and a lot more wax to that first logo, and sales started growing…like for real… and somehow, Tammy had “accidentally” started a business.  Fast forward a few more months, and a professional logo and proper website were born and here we are!  What a ride :).
Equestrian themed candles by Centerline Candles
What is your favorite thing about owning the business?
Hands down, the connections with super people around the world.
What has been the biggest challenge of owning the business?
Knowing how to tackle marketing a small business has been interesting…but fun too…(my day job expertise is science….not marketing…but I am learning) :)

What is some advice you would give to entrepreneurs?
GO FOR IT! You can’t be successful if you don’t try (and the journey is totally worth it).
Tell us about some fun things customers can expect to see in 2021.
Hopefully some more cool horse-themed gift ideas (like the KY Derby Julep Cup candles)…and hopefully some additional awesome collaborations!

Tammy has kindly added a code for all DB fans to get 15% off their order!
Thanks, Tammy! Use code  DBC2021 for 15% off your next order at to stock up on yummy smelling candles! I recommend the Barn Mornings scent, which is what I picked for the Horse Mom candle :)

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