Featured Brand: EquestrianAF Apparel

In the spirit of community over competition, I'm excited to continue the Brand Feature Series. Each month, I feature another woman owned equestrian small business that I love. This month we get to meet Amber Furdal of EquestrianAF Apparel! (...the AF stands for her initials!!)

YOU WILL LIVE IN EQUESTRIANAF TEES. I wanted to create a fun brand that is not only affordable, but extremely comfortable for both in and out of the saddle wear. Not only are the sayings fun and quirky, but they're also great conversation starters.

Why did you start the business?
I love to be comfortable. I was tired of spending hundreds of dollars on uncomfortable riding clothes that were constantly getting ruined by hay slobber stains and I was having a hard time finding a simple horsey t-shirt that I would actually wear. So I took matters into my own hands and created my own! My tees are ethically sourced and made in the USA which is a huge deal for me and the quality is top-notch.  

What is your favorite thing about owning the business?
Within a few months of starting the business I realized it was going to be much more than a simple equestrian apparel company--I was forming a community and brand that people actually connected with. It has been so fun watching the brand grow and connecting with like-minded horse crazy individuals all over the world!

What has been the biggest challenge of owning the business?
I would say time, lack of sleep, and supply chain issues with COVID-19 are my top three "thorns." But at the end of the day I am so grateful to even have this business that all the small things just seem to fade away in the moments where I catch someone wearing one of my shirts at a horse show or around town! It's definitely a "pinch me" moment EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

What is some advice you would give to entrepreneurs?
DO IT. There is never going to be a perfect time to take the leap. It will be scary at first, but the satisfaction you will get from creating your own company and being your own boss is unmatched. Don't let anyone rain on your parade and don't ever give up. There will be struggles, but you can get through anything with a little grit and determination. Listen to your mentors and peers, but stay true to yourself. Invest in YOU. 

Tell us about some fun things customers can expect to see in 2021!
I AM DYING waiting for our winter beanies and summer straw hats. They have been a project I have had in the works for the past year and they should be arriving any day now! We will have simple beanies with EQUESTRIAN AF patches and beanies with poms on top with a leather Equestrian AF circle logo. The straw hats will also have the leather logo. We will also be getting stickers at some point and hopefully some sock collaborations with Dreamers and Schemers!

Everyday I am in awe of what we have created here. I say "we" because this brand would be nothing without our loyal customers. I am so grateful to each and every person that has had a hand in building this business and I am so excited for the future! And a big thank you goes to Leah for agreeing to a Dapplebay and EquestrianAF collaboration!! I had so much fun. Supporting each other is something I will never take for granted. There is so much to learn and so much to share. The world needs more of that these days and I am proud to have found not only an ally in the industry, but a friend. DB x EQ customers can use code DBEQ10 for 10% off orders now through December 31st!

Thank you to Amber for being such an awesome friend & supporter. Make sure to grab our limited edition Racetracks to Rollbacks tee - only available while supplies last!

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