Have you met LaLa Horse?

We are so honored that our Horse Girl Keychain was chosen to be a part of the April LaLa Horse subscription box! This box is filled with fun, unique items. These boxes make a fabulous gift, and are so fun to receive each month! There are several options available and each box is custom tailored to suit the age of the recipient.

LaLa Horse offers subscription boxes full of gifts for girls who love horses. Each box is individually curated for the young lady's personal preferences, and include items such as: jewelry and accessories, clothing, toys, home decor, art and craft projects, books, lead ropes, brushes, halters, grooming products, and more!

Besides being one of the few “horse focused” subscription companies out there, many members of the LaLa Horse team are internationally recognized horse breeders and trainers, and, among them, have well over 100 national wins to their names. The LaLa Horse team uses its expert equestrian industry knowledge to craft unforgettable boxes each month for young horse lovers throughout the USA and Canada. Learn more at: www.lalahorseltd.com

Our friends at LaLa Horse have created a discount code just for Dapplebay customers to get 15% off! Enter LALA15 at checkout to save on your first order! Shop Now!

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