Holiday Horse Treats

Walk in any store and you'll see, the holidays are for baking! But who says humans get to have all the sweet reward of a day in the kitchen? Horses (and pups) need some cookie love too, so we've scoured the internet for our favorite holiday horse treat recipe that your four legged pals will love! 

horse treat recipe

To start this super easy bake, you'll need to gather your ingredients, then preheat your oven. Combine your dry ingredients, then add your wet ingredients in the mix and prepare to roll out your dough. All these ingredients are safe for your horses and your pups, so you can feel good about dishing out these treats

christmas horse treats

The spices smell incredible, just like the holidays, but don't take too big a whiff of that molasses, we can't say it smells particularly delightful. Once your dough is mixed you can start cutting out your shapes. We went for mini gingerbread men. Classic. You can use a hand cut shape to trace with a sharp edge or a cookie cutter! If your dough is a bit too sticky, let it rest in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes to firm up just a bit. 

holiday horse treats

Once your treats are cut out, place them on an oven safe mat and bake! If you want an added bit of fun for your HORSES**, add some chopped up candy cane bits as buttons. ***Candy canes are not safe for dogs, so if you're planning on making some for your pup, omit the candy canes. We did half with buttons and half without!

holiday horse treats

And that's it! Once they have cooled, you're ready to package them up and gift them! (these holiday horse treats make a wonderful gift for your barn besties...and they look sooo cute wrapped up in a jar with a bow!) Or you can take them straight to the barn for taste testing. This batch was tested and approved by both hoof and paw! 
Here's the full horse treat recipe...simply screen shot to save or right click to download if you're on a desktop. Happy baking!

horse treat recipe
Written & Photographed by Bree McLaughlin

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