Introducing the Dream Chaser Collection

I am so proud to introduce...the Dream Chaser Collection. The concept of being a Dream Chaser is so central to everything that Dapplebay stands for.
The beauty of being a Dream Chaser is that our dreams are all so individual and unique, just like each one of us. And as time goes on, our dreams evolve and change with us.
For me personally, my dreams related to horses and riding have shifted dramatically due to a series of back injuries that have kept me out of the saddle for several years. At this point in my life I am dreaming of being able to do things that I once took for granted -- the ability to gallop and jump my horse.
Horses always teach us such important lessons, and this whole experience for me has taught me so much about patience, resilience, how to set and accomplish the smaller goals that all add up together into something truly meaningful...the list goes on and on.
But I have always had another dream. A dream that has always felt a bit silly to me, and maybe a bit naive. I've always wanted to be an artist. Specifically, I've wanted to paint and draw horses.

Being the daughter of a very practical father, I settled on "Graphic Designer" as a career because "Artist" just wouldn't cut it. I thought it was the closest thing, and it has proven to be pretty close.
Strangely enough, my dream of painting horses for a living is coming closer and closer to realization...although in a much different form than I had imagined.

I guess I never thought that Dapplebay would be a place for my real, raw ART. I just saw my sketches and paintings as the starting point, the idea. Not "finished" enough. And that something drawn digitally and polished would sell the best.
But I was wrong. These recent pieces that are MY ART are by far my best sellers. The Dream Chaser collection features my original watercolor painting, and I was nervous to release it. But it is my most successful launch yet. I'm a little shocked...but also relieved. Relieved to have landed on an ah-ha kind of moment.
Thank YOU for showing me the way to MY dream.
Thank you to Kristin Lee for these beautiful images and Britt Sabah and her horses Louie and Ricky for being such wonderful models! 

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