The Equestrian Collection

I am proud to introduce THE EQUESTRIAN COLLECTION. Inspired by pride for our sport, the horse girl community and how much we love to saddle up & ride, these shirts represent everything we love about riding and the community that surrounds it. 

Horse t-shirt designs

This collection is the first in a renewed tradition of limited-edition, hand screen printed shirts. When I first started Dapplebay in 2011, all the t-shirts were printed by hand at small, locally-sourced print shops. Over the years, I had evolved to using a print-on-demand model for shirt production.

COVID-19 hit, and my shirt production was heavily impacted. I started thinking about options, and I began researching local options. It was definitely a learning curve for me, having to get back into designing for screen printing vs. direct to garment printing. It's a different process, and a lot more goes into the development of the designs.

Equestrian design t-shirt

The first design in the collection is the EQUESTRIAN tee. With bold, modern type and an ombre of bright colors, it is meant to be worn as a badge of honor. Equestrians know that it's more than just a's a way of life! 

Saddle up horse girl shirt

The Saddle Up design celebrates the power and freedom horses give us. Wherever and however you ride, all equestrians know the feeling ~ something about being on the back of a horse just releases us from the weights of the world. I would dare to say that this universal feeling is WHY most of us ride to begin with.

Horse girl club t-shirt

The Horse Girl Club design was inspired by that next level bond that occurs when you connect with another human over the fact that you both enjoy riding giant animals that spook at leaves 🍁. We just GET each other a little bit better, and that's what Dapplebay is all about. 

I hope you love the new collection, and I can't wait to see how you style the new tees. Happy Riding!

XOXO, Leah

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  • Agnieszka Napiatek

    Love how this collection looks especially the equestrian long sleeve and short sleeve shirt, very chic and elegant. I’d love to have one!

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