The Good Rides Only Challenge

Dapplebay is on a mission to spread good vibes through the equestrian community.

That's why I decided to create The Good Rides Only Challenge: a 60 day group challenge designed to promote positivity, gratitude, and love...and of course, horses! 

At Dapplebay, our motto Good Rides Only embodies not only our attitude in the saddle, but our approach to everyday life. Having horses is a gift in so many ways. They are our teachers, our therapists, our solace...our way of life.

Horses play a unique role in each of our lives. Ultimately, they are what connects us - the humans that love them. I've met my closest friends in the world through lifetime "barn besties". And in contrast, I've also encountered challenging situations with other humans in the context of horses. 

We come from all walks of life, levels of experience, roles within the industry. We all bring our opinions, ideals, and biases. And life with people can be...well, it can be challenging. There are times where you just need to put on your "I Like Horses Not People" hat and leave it at that. I'm certain all of us have experienced those moments. 

But that right there is what we share...that is the common ground upon which equestrians can unite. And truly, that's why Dapplebay exists. 

And I believe we get to choose to be so grateful for so much. Just to have access to horses is such an incredible thing, and something that should never be taken for granted. 

The Good Rides Only Challenge is designed to bring us back to that first memory, to remind us why we started. It is created to connect us, no matter our differences in experience and opinion. 

I hope you'll join us in our Weekly Challenges over the next few months, where we'll get to the root of why we are equestrians, share stories, and further get to know one another. We'll also be tasked with reaching out to our communities, online and IRL (in real life) to spread the good vibes.
And of course, there will be fun prizes...a challenge just wouldn't be complete without prizes :) Click here to join us!



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