The Spring Collection has landed!

The Spring Collection is finally here and I am so excited to introduce you to each piece. My goal was to create fun, unique items that you just can't find anywhere else that are stylish yet packed with #horsegirlenergy.

The first step was planning the color palette. I was inspired by the colors of the sunrise: a soft colorful palette ranging from pinks, yellows and golds, to surf blues and greys.

Next, I needed to narrow down and decide which designs to bring forward. That was the hardest part! This collection includes some new designs and some of our best sellers from past seasons. 

The, I wanted to find garments that were special. I searched high and low and gathered together this range which includes classic styles and shapes, along with some fun fabrics and more trendy styles. 

Each garment is carefully hand printed & packaged by me. That means that each piece is made with a whole lot of love, and individually unique with its own slight imperfections. I am hopeful that whatever your unique style, you will find something in this line that feels like YOU!

Leah, Ranger & Pie

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