About Us

Hello there, I'm Leah! Dapplebay is the intersection of my two greatest passions: horses and design. My horses have been a constant source of both inspiration and direction in my life. They have taught me that forward movement is the answer to every problem. Design is my lifetime pursuit. 

Dapplebay was founded May 2011 when I was living in the beautiful Georgia countryside. I felt like it was impossible to find well designed, eventing-themed graphic tees. So, I created my first design - Live Free & Jump XC - and posted it to Facebook. The post went viral, and the rest, as they say, is history! Here is a fun blog post from Eventing Nation from Dapplebay's early days. Today, Dapplebay is headquartered in the often-rainy, but perpetually green Pacific NW. 

At Dapplebay we value our magnificent horses, unforgettable horseback adventures shared with our best friends, and the dedication to the traditions of horsemanship & sportsmanship that make equestrian sports so special. I strive to uphold these values in every design I create. May every ride be the best ride of your life!