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Great Air Fresheners

I like all three scents that came in this pack of air fresheners. They're not overpowering at all. My mud room and car smell much lovelier than the barn now!

Constellations matching saddle pad,ear net, and shirt.

I love them. Haven't used them yet, but they're beautiful and looking forward to showing in them.

FINAL SALE Equestrian Toile Essential Riding Top ~ LIMITED EDITION
Toile riding top

I'm new to riding and dressage and to the horsie clothing industry, so I'm looking at everything. This top is gorgeous in all the ways. I purchased this top because it is so freaking cute. All the rest of the reasons to purchase this top: the fabric is top quality, beautiful weight, stretchy and so comfortable. I paid full price and have zero regrets! Please add more beautiful prints and colors. I see this same print in black...

Amazing quality!

The quality of these boots is absolutely amazing snd pictures just don’t do them justice! I absolutely love them , they fit a big boned 18.2 hh warmblood perfectly

Saddle pad

Love the Constellation Dressage Saddle Pad. Fit is good and looks great on my horse.


This was a hit for the barn Yankee swap! Would love to see more items offered in the sticker overload. My daughter would love bedding!

My new favorite fly veil!

It’s so cute and well made I love it! Looks perfect on my horse Comet 💫

Mom loved it

I got this for my mom for Christmas. She already had the matching saddle pad, and my stepdad told me exactly what to get her. The joy on her face and the laughter in her voice once she realized what she had gotten was unparalleled. It fit her perfectly in a medium and she was so happy with the design and the stickers that came with! Next time I need to get her some riding gear, I'm coming to Dabblebay!

Get Over It Necklace
Addie Hunter
Get Over It Necklace

I’m not a big jewelry person, but I haven’t taken this necklace off since I bought it! It’s so cute and very well made!

So pretty, but a little short

I absolutely love this pad! But the dimensions are a little short for my chonky boy. If your horse is a skinny TB, Arabian, or anything along those lines it will fit fabulously. But if your horse is a wide barreled warmblood like mine, you’re going to wish there was a little more length. I really struggled to get it to fit appropriately and even my trainer asked if I’d bought a pony sized dressage pad instead of a full.

It is undeniably lovely however.

Holiday Mystery Gift Box ~ LIMITED EDITION
Absolutely loved it

I hope you do more in the future, it was such a joy to get a box full of wonderful surprise goodies!

Holiday Mystery Gift Box ~ LIMITED EDITION
Debbie Emery
SO much better than I ever imagined!

I admit I somewhat took the "mystery" aspect out of the mystery box purchase as I knew most of the items in advance, but then still got some unexpected surprises! I was most excited about the pashmina scarf (which I love!), but didn't expect the added extras like a belt (which I really need!), a candle that's making my office smell magical, and the calendar (which is proudly displayed behind me on every work Zoom meeting). Thanks Dapplebay for putting some holiday magic into my dreary Janaury!

Horse Girl Necklace
Emily Parmenter
My new favorite necklace!

Such a cute necklace to bring that horse girl energy in a pretty and more subtle way. Wear it all the time and it goes so good with any outfit.

Horse Girl Necklace
Victoria Baxter

So cute and I love it!

These are super cute! Love the tolie. Been eyeing them for a while but can't bite the bullet and buy with the price in USD and the fact that it costs to ship to Canada. No shade. You have to price what you are worth. Just wish it was in my budget! Would love the matching 3 piece for my mare, it's so timeless. Adorable!

Best Trailer Decal

I bought this for my trainer as part of her Christmas gift. She enthusiastically asked if she could put this on her trailer not realizing that it was meant for that! She loved it! Will take pics when the weather is better and repost!

FINAL SALE Mare-y Christmas - LIMITED EDITION Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt
Debbie Emery
I wish I could wear it all year round! (I might)

I bought the Mare-y Christmas sweatshirt just before the holidays and would have happily worn it every day. It's cozy but classy so fits every festive season occasion, it got worn on a horse show weekend, my barn holiday party and Christmas Day morning - when my mare copied the pose! It's definitely coming out every Christmas, and maybe some times in between too.

Holiday Mystery Gift Box ~ LIMITED EDITION
karen miller
holiday mystery gift box

overall, loved the box. i guess my mare was on the consulting team. she would of requested the equine massage tool (not like she is not spoiled and pampered enough! and who doesn't appreciate a good massage.) thanks for a great box.

Fancy A$$ Horses - Trailer Bumper Sticker

Holiday Mystery Gift Box ~ LIMITED EDITION
Marnee Watson
Dapplebay Christmas ❤️

This was a gift for my daughter and she loved everything! The calendar is beautiful, as is the pashmina, candle and note cards! Her “Denali” loves attention so the massage package is sure to be a hit! I appreciated how quickly it arrived!

Absolutely beautiful and amazing quality!

This saddle pad is not only gorgeous but it is thick and great quality! Absolutely worth it’s price!

Holiday Mystery Gift Box ~ LIMITED EDITION
Rachel Masen
Excellent Box!

I was excited for this after the first spoiler. Everything else was just icing on the top for a few dollars more. Everything in this box is going to be used by me (not passing on anything) which is rare for a mystery box. Beautiful curation. Great quality items. Wonderful holiday gift to myself!

Holiday Mystery Gift Box ~ LIMITED EDITION
Christmas Gift

My mom got me this box for Christmas and I was so excited to open it up! My mom looked inside the box when it came and said everything was packaged nicely that she just wrapped up the box because she didn't want to mess anything up. When I opened it up Christmas day, I was so interested in all the items inside, and my mom was as well. Lots of unique and different things inside; I wished the box went on forever! We burnt the candle that night while we were eating dinner and I put the bracelet on right away! I know the scarf will keep me nice and warm as well! This was such an amazing box and I hope there's another one next year, so I can have another awesome Christmas gift to open!

Loved the “set” I gave a friend for Christmas!

Holiday Mystery Gift Box ~ LIMITED EDITION
Dana M
Loved it all!

I took the plunge and switched from another curated box company. LOVE the variety, value and quality of this box. Wonderful choices and I’ve already used several of the items!